With our internationally positioned, multilingual and interculturally competent team, we build bridges from Europe to Asia for our partners and clients. To do so, we draw on our long standing experience in intercommunication between the European and Asian markets as well as our continually growing network of contacts, and so can offer custom consulting services in the following fields:

Procurement Market Asia – on the basis of our accumulated and continually growing network of contacts in the Asian market, ADOTCY helps in the procurement of Asian products for German/European businesses

International businesses – ADOTCY doesn't just know the markets, but also their characteristics with regard to logistics, customs processing, methods of payment and much more

Sales Market China – here ADOTCY capitalizes heavily on knowledge of product management according to the demands of the Chinese market and provides support in all relevant sales activities

Market entry in China – ADOTCY offers individual consulting management from its offices in Berlin and Shanghai, such as for market analysis and the mediation of investors or joint venture partners

Intercultural communication – all successful business activities are based on interaction characterized by expertise and respect. ADOTCY helps in bridging language barriers and ensures sound intercultural communication with Asian, particularly Chinese, business partners

Consultation/Exchange of ideas – ADOTCY shares and expands long standing experience in Asian markets through the active exchange of ideas and individual consulting services. We look forward to your contact inquiries!